Flash Funds

How to flash funds in to bank account available balance of any bank in the world, flash funds download, send fake bank alert

all that you will learn and we hopefully believe this article will shoot you up to what you have been planning to do all this while/years,

This is a method used to make false payment meanwhile it is of two different categories which are:-

  • Non Spendable Flash Funds (fake bank alert)
  • Spendable Flash Funds (real bank credit)

How To Get Flash Funds App? / How To Download Flash Funds App?

you need to get opsta lite which is a software/app or program used to carry out flash funds transaction,

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How To Download Opsta Lite App

To get Opsta Lite software you should CLICK HERE and follow the prompts, after payment you will be automatically directed to a page where you will download the Opsta Lite software.

ensure to request for whichever you want if you are buying directly from us on our WhatsApp channel but if you’re are buying on our website you will have options to choose with file to download.

the files are of different types which so choose correctly depending on your device for example if you are using computer that is windows then you should go for executable file (EXE)

If you’re using android phone then you should choose for APK file and download it, iPhone users gets a link to use and access the portal through their safari browser because we don’t jailbreak, jailbreaking your iphone or apple device is never advisable and we will not allow you do that.

after downloading or accessing the portal next to do is to choose “Flash Funds” feature/button and proceed, you will be redirected to a screen where you will type in the bank details ie required details for the transaction.

over the past years we have been frequently getting below questions and we have addressed all in this article regarding this program:-

How Does Opsta Lite Work?

To get more clarification of your doubt if such program ever exist kindly watch below video to clear your doubt and get relief of your trust issue.

Opsta Lite Flash Funds Bank Account Transaction Video

Opsta Lite does not only flash money, this software also flash Bitcoin, with Opsta Lite you can flash BTC without going through many process or making any outrageous additional payments.

Flash Funds

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